Nailed That One

The guy arrested outside a Dearborn mosque with fireworks fired his court-appointed lawyer in court:

The California man accused of plotting to blow up a Detroit-area mosque rejected his court-appointed counsel Friday, upset that the attorney is a Shiite Muslim and a “patron” of the Islamic center where he was arrested.

Roger Stockham is the guy I mentioned when the story first broke. As in Roger Dale Stockham, a guy who has had repeated run-ins with the law, dating back to the 1970s.(I don’t think there is more than one bad actor who kidnapped his own son, then crashed the getaway airplane.)

Which is why there has not been a lot of screeching from the media about this. Stockham self-identifies as an “Islamic holy warrior”.

Since he’s not a Tea Party member, he’s not worth a lot of media attention, apparently.

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