Planning Ahead Versus Banking On Scams

Israel is accelerating development of gas deposits within their borders to ensure energy independence. As Jazz Shaw at Hot Air points out, they same cannot be said of our own government:

Good for them. Of course, we’re sitting on massive reserves of natural gas here in the United States, only the government seems to be taking the opposite approach and hindering our efforts to capture and utilize it. Similarly, Canada and Alaska have large reserves, but the U.S. government is botching efforts to build the pipelines and other infrastructure required to take full advantage of it across all of North America.

No, instead, the Obama administration is chasing after mythical energy and idiotic scams. Such as rolling ethanol bombs routed through major cities:

The scene was intense and dramatic.

“We’re talking fireballs,” he said of the explosion. “When they went thousands of feet in the air, they could be seen from 20-plus miles away.”…

…The train was headed from Chicago to North Carolina with 62 cars loaded with ethanol, and preliminary information indicated about half those cars derailed.

Imagine the “drama” if the train had derailed in Chicago. Oh yeah, it wouldn’t be drama, would it? It would be a likely tragedy. Ethanol is a particularly nasty scam that creates a whole new series of potential disasters. (I wish I saved some of the solicitations I received a couple of years back asking for people to invest in ethanol plants. They openly bragged about how much the plants would get in Federal subsidies, guaranteeing a hefty return.)

Via Memeorandum

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