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Out With The Old Serfs, In With The New

This is rich. Having thoroughly pissed off her original serfs by cashing in on the content that the serfs built for free, Arianna Huffington is planning to bring in new serfs to provide free content for her newly AOL-acquired Huffnpuffpo. … Continue reading

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Obama Didn’t Raise Taxes Once…

…No, he raised them dozens of times. Any thinking American had a “jaw hit the floor” moment when Obama made the utterly absurd (but literally true in one nuanced sense) claim that he had not raised taxes once on Sunday. … Continue reading

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Texas Flood

Via the Daily Mail, we can finally understand what Stevie Ray Vaughan was really singing about in his classic, Texas Flood. (Have the SRV video playing before you watch the one from the Mail article. It improves the ambiance.) Tweet

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