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Drowning In America

Mark Steyn – read it. And speaking of drowning, notice the MSM is not screeching about the ongoing flood along the Missouri River? Coverage is very spotty, some Reuters stories and local news coverage. Oh, and Salon manages to turn … Continue reading

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All Your Datas Belong Us

Apple iCloud = They own you. Welcome to the Apple Silo: Apple is giving iCloud away for free, because locking up our content in the Apple cloud means we’ll buy more Apple devices. It’s Apple’s way of circling the wagons … Continue reading

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There Are No Words

Clean ones, anyway. Spread word on this obscenity. The leftist major media won’t. Via Ann Althouse. Tweet

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Criminal Shovels

Good Lord. Canada, what the heck are you doing? Tweet

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(And, yes, I spelled it that way on purpose). Mark Steyn comments on the Weiner crotch-shot. Tweet

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Rabid Rodent Rampage

The attack of the rabid beavers. In Philadelphia, for heaven’s sake. Obviously, I’ve been failing to keep up with the Animal Uprising™. (Side question: Why is there not a band called the Rabid Beavers? There ought to be.) Tweet

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The Silent Disaster

The “major media” appears to be completely ignoring what is happening in the Midwest right now. After all, the crest is passed in Vicksburg and the reporters are hot on the trail of a young boy who may have been … Continue reading

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