All Your Datas Belong Us

Apple iCloud = They own you. Welcome to the Apple Silo:

Apple is giving iCloud away for free, because locking up our content in the Apple cloud means we’ll buy more Apple devices. It’s Apple’s way of circling the wagons around its ecosystem, according to ZDNet, and I agree. Analysts love it as a business strategy. Whether consumers will love being stamped “Owned by Apple’s iCloud” isn’t so clear. Funambol chief executive Fabrizio Capobianco, whose company provides open-source sync services,

“If you own an Android device (just one, and keep in mind they are getting everywhere, in your TV, car and so on), or a BlackBerry, or a Windows phone… you are screwed with iCloud. This is the Apple silo. Everything will work as long as you stay within the silo.”

Just another day in iParadise. All – All – of your stuff in one handy, Apple-controlled place. Subject to Apple dictates, of course.I simply cannot wait until the horror stories start – and they will.

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One Response to All Your Datas Belong Us

  1. Mockingbird says:

    Thank the Lord, I’m already in the clutches of…AT%T.

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