Drowning In America

Mark Steyn – read it.

And speaking of drowning, notice the MSM is not screeching about the ongoing flood along the Missouri River? Coverage is very spotty, some Reuters stories and local news coverage.

Oh, and Salon manages to turn it into class warfare rather than the complete, abysmal failure of the Corps of Engineers that it actually is.

That region is where the food comes from, folks.

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  1. feeblemind says:

    Nice to see you back Gaius. Glad you are working lots of hours. Much better than working none at all.

    re the abysmal failure of the Corps: Perhaps you could post a link why this is so? I can only speculate that they waited too long to release water upstream this year in the face of a record snowpack but I have not followed the sequence of events.

    Having said that I would venture to say the flooding would be much worse had the corps never built any flood protection anywhere along the Missouri. With limited resources it is hard to build a flood control system while not knowing how bad a worst case scenario can be.

    O/T: I missed your blogging, hoping you would be commenting on the Fukishima disaster, as well as the EPA actions to shut down so many coal fired plants. I am wondering how close the proposed shutdowns would push us to the capacity of the grid?

    Disclaimer: Not a home work assignment. I try not to tell bloggers what subject matter to blog on.

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