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Obama held a major campaign event – in a crucial state – in a high school? Really?   Really?   Oh boy. Now I’m really worried that he’s going to try to wag the dog and attack Iran to prove … Continue reading

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Tax Cheat, Fraud Enabler

Who is Little Timmy Geithner? Let’s play bank fraud Jeopardy! Timothy F. Geithner, who served as the head of the New York Fed during the crisis years, and other regulators raised concerns about Libor. But they did not stop the … Continue reading

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Making Pies

That phrase kind of stuck in my head after the earlier post. Which made me think of this. Enjoy. Tweet

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The DMV to Come

A must read from Sarah Hoyt writing at PJ Media’s PJ Tatler. Okay… So far so good. I expected her to come back with some factoids, and I expected to discuss it, and maybe even have words. You see, normally … Continue reading

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Why Voter ID is Necessary

Because of “voter registration” efforts that target dogs, dead people and even dead dogs.  You need an ID to cash a check or to fly – or even to see Eric Holder rail against voter IDs. Voting is a right … Continue reading

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Make Bigger Pies

The Wall Street Journal interviews George Shultz: I try hard to pull Mr. Shultz back toward despair. Aren’t we an older, more poorly educated society than the one that climbed out of similar debt after World War II? “Well, we … Continue reading

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The Rich Get Richer

The bosses get the gold mine, the rank and file gets the shaft. The heads of the two largest teacher’s unions make close to $500,000 a year with perks and benefits included. Teachers across the country face pay freezes and … Continue reading

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Obama Gets an Endorsement!

A ringing one!  From (T)Hugo Chavez! “Obama is campaigning. He’s a candidate. I hope the real revolutionaries understand well. I think that Barack Obama – aside from ‘the president’ – is a good guy,” he said. A regular mutual admiration … Continue reading

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Forward Into The Past

Unfortunately, that’s not just the title of an old Firesign Theater routine.  It’s also the reality of what’s happening as a result of the much gushed about “Arab Spring”. Mark Steyn: So what are they doing? In Libya, British Commonwealth … Continue reading

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