Forward Into The Past

Unfortunately, that’s not just the title of an old Firesign Theater routine.  It’s also the reality of what’s happening as a result of the much gushed about “Arab Spring”. Mark Steyn:

So what are they doing? In Libya, British Commonwealth war graves have been desecrated, something that never happened under Colonel Qaddafi even at the very lowest of low points in relations between him and the West. But hey, one can forgive Libya’s suddenly liberated young men a spasm of very belated anti-imperialism, right?

Meanwhile, in northern Mali, the dominant Ansar Dine group is currently engaged in destroying the ancient shrines of Timbuktu, including the famous door of the 15th-century Sidi Yahya mosque that was supposed to be left closed “until the end of the world.” Bring it on, baby!

No Britons or Europeans were involved in the creation of these shrines.

Not all progress is in a forward direction.  Obama’s great leap forward is into the same discredited territory that the Europeans now live in.  The Arab great leap forward appears to be into the seventh century.

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