The DMV to Come

A must read from Sarah Hoyt writing at PJ Media’s PJ Tatler.

Okay… So far so good. I expected her to come back with some factoids, and I expected to discuss it, and maybe even have words. You see, normally I don’t discuss this with strangers, but I was in a bad mood, so I didn’t care if she argued.

Instead, as I wound down, I found she was staring at me open mouthed. When she could speak she said “Is it really like that? I thought we had the worst healthcare anywhere. No one ever told me centralized healthcare had problems. I never thought that it would need a bureaucracy and of course it would be like this,” gesture at the DMV.

She’s my age or close to it. Educated. HOW could she never have heard any of this, or even be led to think about it? HOW could she plan to expatriate without having investigated better? HOW could she think pie would rain from the sky? Where are these people getting their info? How come we’re not reaching them?  How come they don’t understand basic economic facts?

Sad. Very, very sad. But I do find that I sometimes say something – which I can prove is true (and do when necessary) and find the person I said it to flabbergasted to realize everything they thought they knew was wrong.  And I work with highly educated, professional-level people.

It is shocking how many people simply cannot think things through.  I seriously blame public education for this. And I literally thank God for my seventh grade teacher who taught us to read between the lines in everything. (No, that is not an oxymoron, she was extremely unusual and several cuts above the standard back then – a standard which has slipped much farther down since then).

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