Smart Phone, Socially Stupid User

How to deal with smart phone boors in many situations.

Here in the Crabitat, phones (cell or smart) are not allowed at the table.  I know we’re somewhat unusual these days, but it has been a point here to dine together as a family. And that no cell phones rule went into effect when only my wife and I had cell phones.  We also try not to answer the land line during dinner (that rule has a little more flex to it, but we usually tell the caller that we will call them back).

My youngest girl is the most active texter in the family – and she has taken the rule as a matter-of-fact family courtesy thing.

An observation: it used to be that someone talking to themselves out on the street was crazy. Now they’re bluetooth users.

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2 Responses to Smart Phone, Socially Stupid User

  1. Phineas says:

    It was because of bluetooth users that I was finally able to figure out the secret of “crazy” homeless people who talk to themselves: they aren’t talking to themselves; they’re agents from the future using super-advanced tech to report back!

    It all makes so much sense, now…

  2. Gaius says:

    Um, frighteningly, that does…..

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