Elizabeth’s Secret

It seems women’s lingerie appeared several centuries before previously thought. Call it Elizabeth’s Secret:

The lace and linen undergarments date back to hundreds of years before women’s underwear was thought to exist.

They had lain hidden in a vault beneath the floorboards of an Austrian castle since  the 15th century.

Despite their state of decay, the knickers bear more than a passing resemblance to the string bikini briefs popular today, while the bra has the fitted cups and delicate straps of its modern-day counterparts.

Apparently, not all of the undergarments found were quite up to runway show standards. Some are described as “shirts with bags”.

Um, probably not going to get a lot of models lining up to wear those.

Now we’ll have to wait on the revelation of Cleopatra’s secret. (It probably had a front-asp bra….)

I had to, I couldn’t help myself.

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