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Go Get Your Shots – Now

Ok, I realize that the Crabitat has a lot fewer readers these days after my long absences.  But I’d really appreciate any links to this post. This could save the life of someone you love. Go get a DPT shot … Continue reading

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Chief Slinging Bull

Has garnered the all-important Fauxcahontas endorsement: This collectivist view of our economic system is alien to the vast majority of Americans. It is beyond class warfare, which is the envy of others who are more successful. Obama has attacked success, … Continue reading

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How The Media Lies

There’s a lot of traffic at Memeorandum on a post from Politico claiming Ann Romney used the words “You People” about the releasing of Romney’s tax returns. Here’s the link to Politico’s story. And the “quote”: “Ann Romney dismissed concerns … Continue reading

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Right Wing News Poll

The most popular and unpopular people on the right. Tweet

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DNC Apologizes For Beating Women

Make no mistake whatsoever, the Democratic National Committee in no way whatsoever apologized to Ann Romney for their misogynistic attacks on her and her horses. The horses she specifically uses as therapy for her multiple sclerosis. They pretended to apologize … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Build That

James Taranto – who has an utterly devastating way with words – takes on Obama’s “gaffe”: Obama may be God’s gift to comedy, but Romney is right that the philosophical stakes here are serious. The president’s remark was a direct … Continue reading

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Yes, He Said It

There are, apparently, people willing to lie for Obama and publish dreck trying to convince people that Obama didn’t say his latest “gaffe”.  Charles Krauthammer begs to differ: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think Obama has made the gaffe of the year … Continue reading

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