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Sadly, Yes He Will

Over at Hot Air JE Dyer asks if Obama will sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Kim Holmes of the Heritage Foundation critiqued the extant draft of the treaty in the Washington Times on 11 July, pointing out, essentially, that … Continue reading

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For The Blogger Who Has Everything

I REALLY want one of these for the Crabitat compound. It would just dress the place up perfectly. Tweet

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What To Expect Under ObamaCare

Obama’s recess appointment of Donald Berwick a while back should be an indicator of where ObamaCare is going. Berwick is a frank admirer of the National Health Service in Britain. Well, this is the system Berwick champions for the US … Continue reading

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Skewed Polls

Jay Cost analyzes sample skewing in polls. His conclusion? They do skew democrat. The clear answer is: they skew Democratic. In fact, every recent registered voter poll with party spreads I could identify had a Democratic advantage that exceeded the … Continue reading

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For Whom the Poll Tolls

It seems that Obama’s Bain attack blitz is working – against Obama: And in a sign that the newfound negative tone of the campaign may be backfiring, the poll showed Obama’s favorability ratings – always his strong suit – at … Continue reading

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Speculation Masquerading as News

In the wake of the hideous crime committed in Colorado early this morning, the lamestream media pumps out endless – and libelous – speculation, pretending it’s news. Undeterred by how wrong they got the Columbine shootings 13 years ago, or … Continue reading

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