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Goring Sacred Cows

I can’t say I ever agreed with much of what Alexander Cockburn wrote, but I find four old posts approving of him goring some of the left’s sacred cows. Regardless of beliefs, he stood for them. Cockburn has died. My … Continue reading

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The Book of Barack

And the Govt saw it was good. Genius from Iowahawk. Tweet

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Well, that was an expensive bit of bad optics, wasn’t it. The Weekly Standard digs out some facts from the campaign finance reports: According to disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission, President Obama’s reelection team appears to have paid … Continue reading

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Cause Fraud

Via @jamestaranto at Twitter, a link that explains the elaborate fraud perpetrated by Greenpeace in an attempt to damage Shell Oil. This is seriously fraudulent – and they apparently got journalists to buy into the fraud and report it as straight … Continue reading

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Sweeping the Corners

So, I’ve been back for a couple of weeks now. Today I cleaned up links on the sidebar. I kept all that still went to active sites, even if the posting was spotty at some these days. (It’s not like … Continue reading

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They are all lined up and the push has been given. All fall down. First Vallejo, then Stockton, then Mammoth Lakes, and now San Bernardino and soon possibly Compton. As Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach told Bloomberg News, the bankruptcy … Continue reading

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The democrats have bluntly promised that they will allow the American economy to plunge over a financial cliff unless they get their way and reimpose taxes on “the rich”.  The Oklahoman looks over the edge of the cliff – and … Continue reading

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Name Recognition

James Taranto on the egregious reporting of Brian Ross: This strikes us as insufficient. Simply as a matter of journalistic craft, the report was appallingly shoddy. Ross pointed the finger at an innocent man based on nothing but the coincidence … Continue reading

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May I Take Your Hat and Goat, Sir?

Well of course they do: Utah wildlife officials want to talk to a man spotted in the mountains wearing a goat suit amid a herd of real wild goats. My first thought on reading this was, “What the heck is … Continue reading

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Barack the Builder

Mark Steyn: A stimulus bill equivalent to 1,567 Golden Gate bridges. A 2011 federal budget equivalent to 6,788 Golden Gate bridges. And yet we don’t have a single one. Because that’s not what Big Government does: Money-no-object government spends more … Continue reading

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