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The Government – Here to Help

In Obama’s America everything springs from the forehead of the government. “You didn’t build that”, he infamously exclaimed. The small business must give back and feed the insatiable maw of Obama’s tax and spend and tax some more government. Because … Continue reading

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One has no words. Via The Weekly Standard on Twitter. Tweet

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Obama Explains America

Ok, THIS is the funniest thing I have seen today. And here I thought it was a slow day. Please, tell others about this cartoon – encourage them to link IBD. Tweet

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Utter Epic Fail

This is probably the funniest thing I have read all day. The democrat majority in the Wisconsin Senate is no more. When the party regained control, Cullen, who had fled with the rest of the Democrats but was willing to … Continue reading

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Thanks, Paco

Paco noticed I was back and asked his readers to stop by. A bunch did. I appreciate it, Paco. Thanks also to Phineas, William Jacobson, John Hawkins, Robert Stacy McCain and, especially, to Tom for stopping by to comment. I … Continue reading

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Obama Throws Himself Under the Bus

You have got to love this one. Apparently, Obama’s big “You didn’t build that” gaffe has really left a mark. So much so, that he has actually sat down and lied about what he actually said. The high price of … Continue reading

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When Seconds Count

The police are only minutes away. Apparently because they’re all busy saving drowning victims. Drowning victims that are actually inflatable sex dolls. Police in China launched a major rescue operation to save a drowning woman, only to discover the victim … Continue reading

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Train Wreck Begins

The ObamaCare destruction of the health care system is already beginning. A new survey says that one in ten employers will be dropping employee healthcare coverage – and another 10% are not sure if they’ll keep it. Here’s the kicker: … Continue reading

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That’s Not a Pleasant Thought

I was struck by the last line in this post from Maggie’s Farm. Sort of like a 2×4 upside the head: Obama is only the first of a new breed. Oh, damn. Tweet

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Yeah, I believe the White House put pressure on Diane Feinstein to retract her candid remarks on the White House being the source for intelligence leaks. In a statement, Team Romney compared Feinstein to Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who was … Continue reading

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As I reported earlier, authorities in Utah wanted to talk to a guy spotted in a goat suit. And who wouldn’t? Well, we know know who the goat boy is! Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said … Continue reading

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