Thanks, Paco

Paco noticed I was back and asked his readers to stop by. A bunch did. I appreciate it, Paco.

Thanks also to Phineas, William Jacobson, John Hawkins, Robert Stacy McCain and, especially, to Tom for stopping by to comment. I think Tom was the very first blogger to link to the Crabitat. Certainly very, very early on.

If I missed anyone, I sincerely apologize. And thanks to Miss Red for dropping by – sent over by Paco.

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4 Responses to Thanks, Paco

  1. Paco says:

    I’m delighted that you have returned. I’m afraid, in your absence, we’ve been seriously lacking good intelligence on the animal uprising.

  2. Gaius says:

    Glad to be back, Paco. Thanks for the link. Are you on Twitter?

  3. Paco says:

    I regret to say, no, I am not. It looks like fun, but I haven’t had the time to familiarize myself with the mysteries of this social medium.

  4. Gaius says:

    Well, I haven’t figured it out yet, either. But I am trying.

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