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Bear Market

Well, one would have to begin to believe that one is being targeted. Following their first bear invasion that Friday, the Knowles family locked the windows and doors and left home for a dinner gathering. They returned a few hours … Continue reading

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Desperately Dry

There is yet another train wreck looming. The cost of food is about to skyrocket due to the very nasty drought that is gripping the Midwest. The U.S. Agriculture Department forecast that food prices would now out-pace other consumer costs … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Luddites

Even the increasingly activist EPA can’t find evidence that fracking causes pollution to wells. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced it had ended testing of drinking water in a northeastern Pennsylvania community and declared it safe to drink, despite … Continue reading

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The Leftist Dictatorship is Already here

Eugene Volokh savages the leftist dictators that are going after the free speech of a businessman. This is, of course, about the kerfluffle about the owner of Chick-Fil-A who (gasp) supports traditional marriage. And has the temerity to actually say … Continue reading

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Slow to Respond

Mary Katharine Ham notes that the old Obama fast response is not there this time around. The 0bots are not nimble in responding to the 0ne’s gaffes. Obama made his “you didn’t build that” comments on July 15 (Correction: July … Continue reading

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For once it’s not another item in Obama’s campaign strategy. It’s real squirrels.  Real squirrels trying to kill Olympic beach volleyball competitors. The rodents have been burying beechnuts and acorns on six sandy practice courts at London’s St James’s Park. … Continue reading

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