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About That Latest Squirrel!

Oh, yeah, the media is trying to make out that Romney offended the Brits with his comments about the Olympics> The headlines scream about it. Here’s what he said:  Speaking to NBC News, he said: “It’s hard to know just … Continue reading

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That’ll Leave a Mark

From Phineas, another video that hits hard. Tweet

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Define “Worked”

Via Hot Air, a devastating ad from team Romney punching back at Obama’s latest campaign stump speech declaring his plan worked. Obama’s dictionary isn’t the same as the one I grew up with. Unless he means that he meant to … Continue reading

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Under Siege

Some great photographs of a city under siege. They are a bit dated, though. About 150 years old, in fact. The city is Washington, DC. Tweet

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When Even the Globe Notices…

…That what a democratic elected official (Boston’s mayor) doing is wrong, it must be very wrong indeed. And they do notice. But which part of the First Amendment does Menino not understand? A business owner’s political or religious beliefs should … Continue reading

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Two Americas

Not exactly the same “Two Americas” the sleazy John Edwards spoke of, though. These are competing economies within America. The traditional one and the Goliath of the public economy. This election will decide which economy leads, says Daniel Henninger: With … Continue reading

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