Android 4.1

Well, there are advantages to being an early adopter sometimes.  I bought a Motorola Xoom back when they first released the WiFi only version. At the time, I was managing a job where I had to be at meetings several times a day. My predecessor had given me his meeting binder before he left. A three-inch binder stuffed with various reports that were needed for all the meetings. I had to get and print all of these reports each day and reload the binder.

This was tedious on a good day.

So I got the Xoom, loaded all the documents electronically and threw the binder away. I was the envy of the meetings with my slick little electronic binder. The big boss ended up buying one just like mine for his own meetings.

So I read today that Android 4.1 was being pushed out to WiFi Xooms (first). And lo and behold, I turned it on and there sat the update. I just ran it a while ago and I’m up and running. I have not had a chance to play with it much yet (a LOT of apps need to update) but I can tell you it is the smoothest interface yet. Moving around the tablet just flows. Nice and quick, very responsive.

I’m interested to see how YouTube functions since Android 4.1 will not run Flash. I’ll get there after all the other apps get updated.

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