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Particularly Dumb Meme Get Predictable Resuts

The dumb leftist media (triple redundant!) is Shocked!, Shocked!, Shocked! that they have been declared persona non grata at a Romney event in Israel. But Romney’s campaign announced Saturday that it would block the news media from covering the event, … Continue reading

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The King of Outsourcing – ObamaCare

An Indiana medical device company is canceling plans to build five new manufacturing plants in the US – and will look to build those plants overseas. Why? Because of ObamaCare. Cook Medical claims the tax on medical devices, set to … Continue reading

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Crab Dusting

I think he was spraying the beans – but he sure went over the Crabitat a lot. Tweet

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Another U-Boat?

Weird. A second sunken U-Boat story in one day. This one is more than a bit odd, though. Supposedly, it’s 124 miles away from the ocean at the bottom of a river. A diver searching for the bodies of three … Continue reading

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U-Boat Wreck Found

Off the coast of Massachusetts, a privately funded expedition has discovered the wreckage of U-550, sunk in 1944. The U-550 was found Monday by a privately funded group organized by New Jersey lawyer Joe Mazraani. It was the second trip … Continue reading

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Twitter Malware Spam Warning

This isn’t good: The malicious tweets often read “It’s you on photo?” or “It’s about you?” The tweets and URLs often include a user’s Twitter handle. Many of the links Sophos discovered have a .RU domain name. “The attack itself … Continue reading

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Gee, the left sure is powerful. Twitchy has the evidence of the massively successful Chick-Fil-A boycott by the left. Massively successful for the owners of the franchises, that is. The true purveyors of intolerance and hate in this country can’t … Continue reading

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Burn the Witch

Mark Steyn on the thoughtful, liberty-loving left: As an exercise in sheer political muscle, it’s impressive. But, if you’re a feminist or a gay or any of the other house pets in the Democrat menagerie, you might want to look … Continue reading

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