Another U-Boat?

Weird. A second sunken U-Boat story in one day. This one is more than a bit odd, though. Supposedly, it’s 124 miles away from the ocean at the bottom of a river.

A diver searching for the bodies of three men who went missing in 2010 claims he made a shocking discovery – a German U-boat from World War II.

Brian Corbin said he found the submarine while he and his team were taking sonar images in the bottom of Churchill River in Labrador, Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Mr Corbin, a 50-year-old diver from Happy Valley Goose Bay in Newfoundland, told the Star that he is 100 per cent certain it is a relic of WWII.

Well, the picture sure doesn’t look like much to me, but maybe the original image is clearer. Here’s the link to the original story that triggered the Daily Mail story (their picture of the sonar image is the same).

Now I’m waiting for a third story to surface to complete the trifecta. To beat this story, they’ll have to find one in a cornfield….

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