Hey Mac Users

Remember the old brag that Macs were invulnerable? Yeah, I know, even Apple has veered away from those claims.

For good reason:

Once on a Mac, Crisis monitors Adium and MSN Messenger, a pair of instant messaging clients; Skype; and the Safari and Firefox browsers. It captures a variety of content transmitted by those programs, including audio from Skype, messages from Adium and MSN Messenger, and URLs from the browsers. It also can turn on the Mac’s built-in webcam and microphone to watch and listen, take snapshots of the current Safari and Firefox screens, record keystrokes, and steal contacts from the machine’s address book.

Whatever content Crisis records is sent to a single command-and-control (C&C) server, said Intego.

The French firm pegged Crisis as “a very advanced and fully-functional threat,” in part because of signs that some of the malware’s code originated with commercial spying software.

Lovely. I’m beginning to wonder where all this will end up. Virtually everything is becoming vulnerable to hacking and malware. With more and more technology in everyday life, this could end badly.

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2 Responses to Hey Mac Users

  1. Marica says:

    “With more and more technology in everyday life, this could end badly.”

    Backup & redundancy are essential. For example, think about how many phone numbers in your contacts list you do NOT know by heart. &c.

  2. Gaius says:

    Yeah. I do backup regularly and I have redundant storage as well. There’s still too much of this criminal behavior that is not getting the attention I think it needs.

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