Gridlock is for the Little People

And the Great Gridlocker himself has ensured that. Obama’s latest Manhattan fundraiser creates chaos in New York City so bad that the British press reports it.

Barack Obama today returned to New York City for a $40,000-a-head fundraising dinner which was expected to bring rush hour traffic to a standstill.

The trip comes just six weeks after a star-studded event at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in Manhattan which raised $4.5million for the President’s re-election campaign.

It is unclear how the trip, which has seen Mr Obama fly to New York on Air Force One and official helicopter Marine One, is being paid for.

The President’s jaunt has been attacked by the state Republican Party, who described Mr Obama as the ‘Campaigner-in-Chief’ and urged him to focus on ‘job creation and economic growth’ rather than November’s election.

Frankly, I don’t think he ever stopped campaigning since he started running for the Senate. The damage he has done along the way is collateral to his continuous campaign.

And his disdain for the people who have to commute while his continuous campaign snarls traffic is rather obvious. He simply doesn’t think about those inconvenienced little people at all.

They are collateral damage as well. Looking impressive with his motorcade and stoking the great ego is much, much more important.

This is what serfdom looks like. The elite wave from their limousines at the peasants.

Only Barry doesn’t wave. He’s much too important for that.

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