What Do You Expect from a Weasel?

Weasel words are the norm. Charles Krauthammer calls out a weasel:

The decent thing to do, therefore, would be to acknowledge the (inadvertent?) deception and apologize for it. He could send the retraction to Mediaite, the nonpartisan media Web site run by Dan Abrams, whose report on this contretemps was headlined: “British Embassy Confirms Krauthammer Right, White House Wrong: Churchill Bust Returned in 2009.”

Or he could send it to New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal, who at first repeated Pfeiffer’s denunciation of the Churchill bust “falsehood,” and then later honorably corrected himself, admitting that “I got some facts wrong, because I made the mistake of relying on a White House blog post by the communications director Dan Pfeiffer.” Rosenthal then chided Pfeiffer for posting “a weaselly follow-up comment” after the facts became clear that “fails to acknowledge that his post the previous day was false.”

It was an attempt to smear and undermine a persistent critic. It was also pathological – they can’t help themselves. Just when you thought the Obama gang had stooped as low as possible, they manage to excavate.

Krauthammer doesn’t really expect an apology.  Funny, isn’t it. If it had been a republican making the smear, there would be front page editorials demanding apologies. As usual, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight gets cover from the media that can’t talk straight.

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