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A Gentleman

Charles Krauthammer defines being a gentleman in accepting the White House apology. This is classy. This is why I read Krauthammer every chance I get. Tweet

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Obama Administration Advises Defense Companies to Violate Federal Law

To avoid embarrassing mass layoffs a few days before the election. Under the WARN Act — The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act — companies with more than 100 employees must give 60 days’ notice if there is to be … Continue reading

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You Built That

Powerful, positive, punishing Believe in the America you built. Brilliant. Via Hot Air Tweet

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Saddam Didn’t Have Chemical Weapons?

Really? Britain will help the Iraqi government dispose of what’s left of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons, still stored in two bunkers in north of Baghdad, the British embassy in Baghdad announced Monday. You mean all that press … Continue reading

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Flash! Hell Freezes Over!

The Obama White House has actually apologized to Charles Krauthammer. Good on him for apologizing, but refer back to Pfeiffer’s snarky post in which he insisted that the bust was Right. Where. We. Put. It. Which was in the British … Continue reading

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Media War on Decency

Ah, the reports are all about a Romney aide cursing out the press in Poland. Actually, they deserved much, much worse. See for yourself: These squalling boors are screeching their pro-Palestinian and media trash talk at the Polish Tomb of … Continue reading

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