Media War on Decency

Ah, the reports are all about a Romney aide cursing out the press in Poland.

Actually, they deserved much, much worse. See for yourself:

These squalling boors are screeching their pro-Palestinian and media trash talk at the Polish Tomb of the Unknown.

Would that obnoxious, hideously uncouth behavior be tolerated at Arlington?

It should have been a lot harsher than the “Shove it” that got said to these soulless swine.

Video found over at Neo-Neocon’s place. She has a good takedown of the mendacious media and their war on Romney.

Too bad the Polish authorities didn’t detain the vultures for their blatant disrespect for the setting. On second thought, they probably didn’t want the place stunk up with their presence. Better to get them out of the country.

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