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$41,210 per Second

From the British media – the American media being too busy trying to drag Obama across the finish line to report this – a report on the American deficit. Washington is spending $41,210 every second. That’s $2,472,600 every minute. $148,356,000 … Continue reading

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Liberals – The New Authoritarians

Oh, why can’t we be more like China? Elizabeth “Fauxchahontas” Warren yearns for the embrace of Chinese values: And that’s not all.  One of the favorite examples of Chinese infrastructure spending among progressives like Warren is their commitment to high-speed … Continue reading

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Is Obama beating himself? Holman Jenkins thinks he just might be. Of course, it’s healthy not to be overawed by the successes of others, and to remember the American institutions and policies that let entrepreneurship thrive. But if Mr. Obama … Continue reading

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No, he isn’t. Not at all. Tweet

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Robert Stacy McCain goes off on the latest badly skewed poll. This one is indefensible by a organization like Quinnipiac. They really embarrassed themselves with this one. Can you say “f–ked-up sample,” boys and girls? The so called “internals” on … Continue reading

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