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The Left Lies

No, streetlights in Oklahoma are not melting due to global warming. This is the typical horse hockey coming from the left. As an engineer, I can tell you that any product sold for installation in a streetlamp that would melt … Continue reading

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That Was the First Term

My old friend Phineas has a photo of Obama’s year in one picture. That was just the first term, Phineas. This is the second, if he wins in November:   Tweet

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Old Phones Never Die…

…They get reincarnated as cat chasers. Do you have an old Android phone stored away that you keep only for emergencies–or just aren’t sure what to do with it? You could breathe new life into the semi-retired handset by strapping … Continue reading

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Ever Had One of Those Days?

Sent to me by an old friend.NSFW. Really not all that bad as these things go, but I wouldn’t play it over your speakers. Tweet

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Harry Stinks

Mitt Romney fires back at Harry the pederast. You know what? Romney is handling the crap from the media and the left (redundant) pretty darn well. He’s looking more presidential every day, while the giant ego is looking smaller and … Continue reading

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Pulling the Ladder Up Behind Them

I’ve lost a LOT of respect for Amazon in the past few weeks. And even more so after reading this from Hot Air.Jim DeMint has this just right. Here’s Sen. Jim DeMint addressing Amazon’s change of heart at a hearing … Continue reading

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The Haters

Here’s a hint: it isn’t the right. It’s the left wing – including the “major” media. Another protester posted video of him berating a young female cashier at an undisclosed restaurant. The video was posted on The Gateway Pundit website. … Continue reading

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