I Don’t Even Live There….

…And this depresses me. My friend Phineas has a post cross posted at Sister Toljah’s place that should be mandatory viewing for anyone who thinks the government IS the problem.(Click over and watch the video – it’s well worth your time.)

As California goes, so flushes the rest of us – if we don’t change things. I just might have to look into job openings in Texas…..

I feel your pain, Phineas.

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2 Responses to I Don’t Even Live There….

  1. Rich Horton says:

    Some day there will be a renaissance in California. Sadly, that probably won’t happen until the place implodes.

    Oh, and a belated Great to have you back, Gaius! I did what I could, though my own bout of busy-ness (and a touch of political ennui) limited my contributions.

  2. Gaius says:

    Thanks, Rich. I did check in now and then when I could and was always happy to see your posts.

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