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All They Have Left….

…Is lies. The “lightworker” is down to desperately trying to light wet matches when even CNN isn’t buying their schtick. Tweet

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Compare and Contrast

…The self-righteous parody of a “man of the new left” with the grace and dignity of the victim of his venomous attack. “There’s no reason to drag him through the mud any more than he has been,” the polite 26-year-old … Continue reading

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New Pics From Mars!

The welcome wagon! Tweet

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Little Timmy, Tax Cheat, Pension Thief

Tim Geithner drove the theft of non-union employee pensions at Delphi according to a Daily Caller story. 20,000 workers who were not favored (read union members) by the Obama administration had their pensions surgically removed with a chainsaw. THat sort … Continue reading

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Mountain Lion Eats Batteries?

Apparently, yes: “I upgraded to mountain Lion and now my battery life is about half of what it was before upgrading. Shouldn’t the update improve battery life? Also, what can I do about this?” a MacBook Pro owner with the … Continue reading

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Slow Down, Pardner

Well, it’s certainly a novel approach: Fed up that local cops weren’t doing anything to slow down traffic near her home in Ningbo, China, Lin Chen took matters into her own hands, the Mirror reported. The 67-year-old dressed an inflatable … Continue reading

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Welcome to Washington, DC: The District is “not exactly the nation’s entrepreneurial capital,” the Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein observes. “Other than goods and services sold to government, only 12 percent of the region’s output is sold to people and businesses … Continue reading

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