Mountain Lion Eats Batteries?

Apparently, yes:

“I upgraded to mountain Lion and now my battery life is about half of what it was before upgrading. Shouldn’t the update improve battery life? Also, what can I do about this?” a MacBook Pro owner with the user name ‘jpengland96’ asked.

Despite the problem seemingly affecting a sizable number of Mac hardware owners that have made the upgrade — the original support thread has currently been viewed more than 33,000 times, has more than 550 replies and is spread across 39 pages — no fix for the problem has been forthcoming and the problem persists to date.

Well, Apple computers are in fourth place for reliability. I wouldn’t be happy after paying too much for a computer, either.

That snarked, I’m not really looking forward to Windows 8, either. I still have fully functional Windows XP computers and Windows 7 rigs. I rather like both – although I have spent much time cursing both operating systems, as well.

Update: It gets even better. All those expensive, trendy, high design devices Apple users have bought for their expensive, trendy, high design Apple devices will have to be replaced. They won’t work with the expensive, trendy, high design charging port redesign Apple will cram down their fan’s throats.

My oldest daughter has a last generation iPhone. It is a very, very pale comparison to the Samsung Galaxy 3.  I wanted to get a picture to compare them, but we had other things to do on her last visit, I’ll see if I can get something the next time she comes down.

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