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Worth a Look

Warning! Full metal geekage follows. This appears to be (and I say ‘appears’ because I’m writing this post instead of actually diving in to try it) a pretty good way to turn your tablet into a second desktop display for … Continue reading

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Mobilizing The Knucklehead Vote

I kid you not – listen to Michelle Obama. Mobilize the knucklehead vote. For 0bama, one presumes. Seriously, click the link. Tweet

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Coincidence – Fauxcahontas Style

Massachusetts – where coincidence rules. So a group headed, “coincidentally,” by Elizabeth Warren’s daughter Amelia files a lawsuit on this woman’s behalf. Now, Demos has filed other such lawsuits in other states and in other years. But the one they … Continue reading

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Racing to the Bottom

Why, oh why, can’t we be more like China? That’s been a repeating theme from the left wing of the left wing democrats lately. If we were more like them we wouldn’t have a Solyndra! We’d have 35 of them. … Continue reading

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Literally All They Have…

…is lies, damned lies and Obama’s lies: The point is that more than any President we can recall, Mr. Obama isn’t trying to persuade voters that he deserves to stay in office because of his philosophy, record or positive vision … Continue reading

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Democrat Convention to Play Squirrel!

Really? This is their strategy? Via Hot Air: That’s really the first problem with this strategy — it avoids the issue that is far and away the most important to voters in this cycle: jobs and the economy.  If all … Continue reading

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How to Win

Charles Krauthammer. Romney campaign, listen up. Tweet

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