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Obama’s American Fantasy

It is not the new American Dream. It’s the new 0merican Fantasy. A job. Americans feel deflated by the numbers and the bleak small business sentiment. According to a Gallup survey last fall, 81 percent of Americans said they were … Continue reading

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The New Civility

Donald Douglas notes notes the “new civility” of the left regarding the upcoming election. The words ‘jugular’ and ‘shove’ make prominent appearances. Don’t you dare lecture me about my speech, you jackass. Tweet

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Have You Watched This?

Or just read the stories? It’s around 26 minutes – and it shows why democrats should be scared – very, very scared – of Paul Ryan on the ticket. Ryan is very, very good. Like better than the 0ne good … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Clue

In this video there may be a clue as to why Romney picked Ryan. This is Ryan dismantling ObamaCare in six minutes in a meeting with Obama. Watch it – and pay attention to Obama’s body language and facial expressions. … Continue reading

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Contrasting View

To the previous post. From John Fund, enumerating the reasons why smart democrats should be very, very worried about the Ryan pick. Four, Ryan puts Wisconsin and its ten electoral votes in play. Polls have shown that President Obama holds … Continue reading

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It’s Ryan

So the big news is out and I’m quite late to the party. (Having a real life gets in the way of blogging – it’s unfair, but there it is). Anyway, I’m thinking Ryan is a good choice. Risky, yes. … Continue reading

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NRO reports on odd bits of travel information. Could it be Ryan for VP? Tweet

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