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Jeremy Lott over at Real Clear Politics has a very interesting take on how Ryan was chosen for the VP slot on Romney’s ticket. The reasoning seems right to me.But one of his reasons (and he has several very well … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With the Droneses

Oh great. Something else to worry about. A drone arms race and low-rent operators.  Of course, neither WMD-armed drones nor cutting-edge UCAVs like the Predator or Reaper have fallen into un-deterrable hands—at least not yet. But if history is any … Continue reading

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Go Home Barry

Apropos this over at Twitchy. Happy to play along, Barry. Update: Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the tweet. Update; Thanks to Doug Ross for the link. Tweet

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Real Hope

$3.5 million raised in 24 hours – online. Real Hope. I like that for a theme. I like it a lot. Tweet

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Why Ryan is the Right Choice

Jay Cost on Romney’s VP pick: There is more to the story. The coming debate over Medicare feeds into the larger theme that Team Romney has clearly been developing — and it gets to why I think Silver and Crowley … Continue reading

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Packing Them In

Sister Toldjah tweets a picture of the traffic trying to get into a Romney-Ryan rally. This is huge. Update: This one from ST is of the overflow crowd outside the venue. I’m thinking Ryan was an inspired choice. Update: As … Continue reading

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Hungry? Blame the Ethanol Lobby

The threat of global hunger is increasing daily as the ethanol lobby cheerfully predicts no shortage of food derived ethanol. Corn is also a key ingredient in the combine of political power and corporate welfare that is U.S. alternative energy … Continue reading

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The Wind Bubble

Christopher Booker on the insanity of wind generation:  Anyone impressed by the efficient way in which Britain has organised the Olympic Games might consider the stark contrast provided by the shambles of our national energy policy – wholly focused as … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke

Okay, there are reasons to worry about the election. But I don’t think there’s any reason to think that the choice of Paul Ryan will dampen enthusiasm. You have to see these pictures from Manassas, Virginia. That is a huge … Continue reading

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