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Forward Into an Ugly Past

The most terrifying quote of the day. Tweet

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The Cliff and How We Got There

Watch this: The tip of the iceberg. This is the cliff 0bama has headed America toward. I got the idea for this from Powerline – but they appear to have forgotten the actual video. I found it on the Center … Continue reading

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Wow – Very Specific

Exactly 660 people turned up to see Joe Biden – according to the Daily Caller: Vice President Joe Biden spoke before a crowd of 660 people in Durham, N.C., at the Durham Armory during a campaign stop for President Barack … Continue reading

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Through Mama Grandkids From the Train Cliff

That’s the democrat’s new election strategy: Ryan represents the adult in the room on fiscal issues, yet Democrats now are salivating to use Ryan’s nomination as a Mediscare tactic in states with high senior citizen percentages. But this time it … Continue reading

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About That Band

Why isn’t there a band named the Rabid Beavers?  For Heaven’s sake, there should be. Yet another rabid beaver attack story in the news. One thing in the story is demonstrably false: A doctor confirmed the beaver had rabies a … Continue reading

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Instapundit Down?

I get a database error when I can get through at all. Mostly the browser just stays where it is. Hope it’s a minor glitch. Tweet

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The Demented Left

And their “new civility”. Louts rushed the stage and were disruptive during Paul Ryan’s appearance in Des Moines, Iowa. (Video at the link). Three people were removed from the speech but there were no arrests. Two women rushed the stage, … Continue reading

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Choose – Wisely

Kimberly Strassel: Mr. Ryan provides the crucial shift in emphasis, the opportunity to go on offense. We will now have a focus on, and explanation of, the choice between stagnation and renewal. This is what Mr. Ryan excels at—not just … Continue reading

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