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Fish Rotting

A fish rots from the head, the old saying goes. And who’s at the head of this administration?   Tweet

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Joe, We Hardly Laughed At You

The 0ne still has 22 days to decide Joe Biden is past his expiration date. “As a sitting president and vice president, Obama and Biden are both considered the Democrats’ presumptive nominees and will not be the official nominees until … Continue reading

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The ObamaCare Nightmare

A two-tier system – your insurance will mean nothing in a world of concierge care: When demand exceeds supply, doctors have a great deal of flexibility about who they see and when they see them. Not surprisingly, they tend to … Continue reading

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Voter ID = Common Sense

Jonathan Tobin at Commentary: The huge numbers supporting voter ID isn’t hard to figure out. Anyone who travels or has to conduct any sort of transaction with a bank or the government know they are going to be asked to … Continue reading

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The Left’s Hate Boils Over

I’m sure the media will ignore this as soon as they can sweep it under the carpet. LBGT volunteer guns down security guard. Sources also said the gunman may have been carrying a bag from Chick-fil-A, the embattled fast-food restaurant … Continue reading

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Head On

Facing the issue head on, not allowing 0bama to dictate the terms: Via Hot Air: A lesson learned the hard way after weeks and weeks of anti-Bain attacks: If you’re not playing offense, you’re playing defense. And Mitt can’t afford … Continue reading

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