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Brass Knuckles

Oh, yeah. “I think it’s pretty common among parties to play with each other’s conventions, and we’ll have a pretty big presence in Charlotte as well,” Priebus said. “The nice thing about going first is that whatever they do to … Continue reading

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My Name is Obamandias, King of Kings

My humble contribution to the caption contest for the all-time greatest picture of 0bama, evah! TOTUS has, indeed, taken over. (And it’s interesting to be able to quote Shelley while blogging, no?) Tweet

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Where Did That Money Go?

$500,000 of “stimulus” money went to air commercials on the Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow television shows – touting Obama programs. Ultimately, the firm negotiated ad buys for “two approved spots” airing 14 times per week for two months on … Continue reading

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No, Willing to Lie

I fully understand why the RNC used the words they did. But the fact is that Barack Obama flat lied to the White House press corps and to the entire American people. Not for the first time, but certainly in … Continue reading

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Holy smoke. Look at that crowd. I’ll try and find more.   Tweet

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