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A Little Help For Joe in Tampa

Just so he knows where he is. It’s nice to be kind to the court jester. Tweet

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College Insurrection

William Jacobson has a little side project, College Insurrection. I’m posting this, then going over to take a look around. Tweet

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Well, It Looked OK in the Reflection From the Teleprompter

No, Barry, it isn’t O-I-H-O. (Actually, it looks more like O-I-H-A, which means 0bama supporters are even more confused than the dear leader himself. Gee, there’s a surprise.) If a republican had done this, imagine the howling fury of the … Continue reading

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About Those “Millions of Jobs” Obama Created

Not exactly. As in, no net jobs at all. As in, we are not even back to where we started. That’s not a recovery, folks. Tweet

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Might be a Good Weekend to Take in a Movie

Already doing very, very well at the box office in limited release – even in New York City. I wish Dinesh D’Souza the very best on this. It would be nice to have an anti-Moore. Tweet

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Fear? What Fear?

Democrats were ecstatic when Romney chose Paul Ryan. They gloated abut how the seniors would fear Ryan and his plan for Medicare. Um, what fear? Among seniors, though, the numbers are even better for Ryan: 50 percent favorable and 35 … Continue reading

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Coming Into Play

RCP is reporting signs that the upper Midwest is slipping away from 0bama. Still, American Conservative Union Executive Director Gregg Keller scoffed: “I think the fact that Joe Biden has been dispatched to Minnesota, which was the only state to … Continue reading

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The Media Failing America

So says Jake Tapper, one journalist who, I think, honestly tries to do an honest job. Tapper also said he relates to Mark Halperin’s recent comments about the media. Over the weekend, Halperin said, “I think the press still likes … Continue reading

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