Dead Letter

A town in Norway is itching to open a package. It’s a sealed package left 100 years ago by a long-dead mayor with instructions to open it in 2012.

The nearly seven-pound package was left behind by Sel’s former mayor Johan Nygaard with the disclaimer that the parcel “be opened in 2012,” the Local reports. The town plans to open the sealed and bound package on Friday.

It has survived two world wars and reportedly was almost thrown out twice during clear-out operations through the decades.

Mayor Nygaard kept the package himself until the 1920s, when he reportedly transferred it to council authorities for safe-keeping. It is now held at the Gudbrandsdal Museum.

Yeah, like it’s a big mystery or something. Those of us raised on the gospel of Saint Chuck already know what – who – is in the box. Michigan J. Frog.

(Which, oddly, is up on YouTube)

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  1. Sam L. says:

    Mich always disappoints his finder.

  2. Gaius says:

    There’s an updated post, too.

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