The Abortion Festival

AKA the Democratic National Convention.

What a great idea!  After all, the issue of abortion and contraception doesn’t even appear on the radar screen for voters in this cycle, as polls from Gallup and the CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac partnership attest.

They really have nothing to offer but Squirrel! political distraction and bald-faced lies.  They re willing to do anything, say anything, lie repeatedly and come up with manufactured controversies to avoid talking about the dismal failure that is their leader.

Go read Ed’s message to the GOP about message discipline. It is vital.

The GOP – at all levels – must refuse to play Squirrel! on the left’s terms. Stay off the distraction and bait thrown by the media and stay relentlessly on the economy, jobs, skyrocketing gas prices, skyrocketing food prices, insane spending, deficits and all the other REAL issues.

Get disciplined, get elected. Play Squirrel!, get beaten. That simple.

Make the democrats own their mess. Don’t play their game. Let them celebrate their Squirrel! of the moment. Then hit them with the relentless truth of their legacy of debt.

Let’s play a different game, entirely.

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