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Proof Positive

That we have far, far too many people with far, far too much time on their hands. People are claiming that the pictures from Curiosity are proving UFOs, animals and various and sundry other things dot the Martian landscape and … Continue reading

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Dead Letter 2

Well, they opened the 100 year old package over in Norway today! The package contained a package: Inside the package? Surprise! Another package! Inside that, much to my dismay, was not an increasingly small series of packages leading to a … Continue reading

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The Original Birther

The left and the press (redundant!) are hyperventilating over Romney’s jab today. It might be a good time to remind folks out there who the original birther was. Remember, author bios are given to the publisher by the author. Tweet

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So Not Working

One thing I’m genuinely enjoying in my real life right now is being able to drive in to work and back each day with my wife. She even – usually – puts up with my habit of listening to NPR … Continue reading

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Mitt Slaps Back

Good for him. Obama wants to “go there” over an dog old story, despite his own self admitted chowing down – on a real chow – then Romney should hit back. And he did. Update: Is Mitt mind-gaming inside 0bama’s … Continue reading

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Secret Agenda

Kimberly Strassel on the second term agenda 0bama won’t talk about. Let’s dispense with the obvious: An Obama second term will be foremost about higher taxes and greater spending. The president has been clear about the former and will consider … Continue reading

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