Dead Letter 2

Well, they opened the 100 year old package over in Norway today! The package contained a package:

Inside the package? Surprise! Another package! Inside that, much to my dismay, was not an increasingly small series of packages leading to a pea. Instead, the interior package contained a number of fabrics in the color of Norway’s flag – “from the King,” said one of the package openers. Under the fabric the curators found notebooks, newspapers, a letter, a small drawing, some community council papers and other bits of paper.

Then the people opening the package were whisked off the stage for other entertainments. Which is, of course, highly suspicious. When the people opening the package returned, they cataloged a bunch of boring stuff they said was in the package.

All consistent with the secret booking of a theater to make the package openers rich!

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2 Responses to Dead Letter 2

  1. Phineas says:

    Are we sure those are even the same people who came back? Hmmm?


  2. Gaius says:

    Could be stunt doubles. Or clones. Send in the clones, there ought to be clones….

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