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One Giant Leap For Egokind

Goes totally international. The Daily Mail shouts out to SooperMexican. Tweet

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NBC Finally Apologizes

For their gaffe reporting on the death of Neil Armstrong, in which they reported that Neil Young had died. About damn time. Tweet

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Obama Hearts Turncoats

Chucky to speak at DNC. Enough said. Tweet

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The Goons of Fauxcahontas

Very classy, Lizzy. Tweet

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Nothing Says Class…

Like mutant butterflies in Tampa. (Mutant Butterflies reference here.) As AllahPundit says, these are clowns. But some darker elements have already surfaced.) Tweet

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Ads That Work

RCP is reporting the results of a focus group that rates this type of ad very effective: In the ad, voters who cast their ballots for Obama four years ago speak directly to the camera about why they would not … Continue reading

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Carrier Gap

I missed this when it happened, apparently. As I think a lot of people did. 0bama approved cutting the US carrier fleet by planning to retire USS Enterprise at least two years before its planned replacement comes online. It was … Continue reading

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