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Silver Bullet

Wow. Ann Romney. She really, really is good. She’s crushing it right now. I am watching it live and I am seriously impressed. The earlier previews of her speech were the lowlights – she’s kicking it out there. Update: As … Continue reading

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She’s Good

Mia Love – she has a real talent and a real spark. Watch her, please. I think the short format for the speeches will work in the republican’s favor if they keep it up. I’ve never been a believer in … Continue reading

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We Tried Our Plan – And it Worked

This is what 0bama’s ‘working’ plan looks like. Oh, yeah, he built that. Tweet

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All Spin, All The Time

The media – especially CNN which was sporting a claim that home prices “jumped” a couple of hours ago (since removed) – is spinning like mad at the moment. You see, home prices rose a pitiful 0.5% over last year. … Continue reading

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The Haters

Ellen Barkin wishes death on republicans. “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ” Ah, that new civility. Tweet

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Portions of Ann Romney’s speech to be delivered tonight in Tampa. Tweet

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Lies and Distortions

Michael Ramirez on the media’s bias, lies and distortions in support of the liar in chief: A July 16 Rasmussen poll revealed “59% of likely U.S. voters believe Obama has received the best treatment from the media so far” and … Continue reading

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Unconventional Wisdom

Mickey Kaus thinks the likeability test ain’t what it used to be. The bar may be a lot lower than the press would have you believe. Tweet

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