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Damn. It IS Clint

Holy ****. Clint Eastwood. Oh wow. Tweet

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Mutant Butterflies Speak

Complete nonsense, but they speak: I caught up with Benjamin’s assistant Alli McCrack at the screening and asked her whether dressing up as a female sex organ is really a good way to gain respect for women. She said yes. … Continue reading

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The Liberal Elite

Can’t friggin’ spell. The dumbing down of America bit deep on the left. Tweet

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Romney Going There

Head on. Mitt Romney is meeting the smears and “nuanced” “questions” the media is slanting toward him about Mormonism head on right now. Speeches from church members who know him. They paint a picture of an honest, good man who … Continue reading

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Life-like talking points robot, I love that phrase. Of course, President Obama was tenderly caring full-time about those in Hurricane Isaac’s path as he campaigned on a college campus in Ames, Iowa, dropped by his campaign office after a speech … Continue reading

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Total, complete panic on the left in the wake of Ryan’s speech last night. You can tell how frightened they are by the way they are working the smear machine at warp factor 7. Paul Ryan’s speech accepting the Republican … Continue reading

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Four More Bleak Years?

Talk about nimble: Tweet

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Ryan Speech at RNC

Here’s the whole thing, Ryan rocking out the RNC. Tweet

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