Life-like talking points robot, I love that phrase.

Of course, President Obama was tenderly caring full-time about those in Hurricane Isaac’s path as he campaigned on a college campus in Ames, Iowa, dropped by his campaign office after a speech in Charlottesville, Va. to meet staffers, and told college students in Fort Collins, CO that Republicans “hope you stay home.”

It was precisely because he cares more deeply about disasters in the Gulf than any other president in history that he broke the long-standing tradition of not campaigning during his opponent’s convention to do a three-state campaign swing hundreds of miles from the scene of intense flooding in Louisiana. Or something.

They are frauds, self-righteous frauds at that. When the 0ne acts like he actually cares about hurricane victims, maybe we can talk. Until then, go change your batteries or something, robot.

What they are afraid of has already happened. Ryan creamed them last night. It’s Romney’s turn tonight. Hence the talking points panic.

I’m still hoping for an in your face rally from Romney-Ryan during the DNC. Talking points robot’s head will explode. That will be entertaining.

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