Total, complete panic on the left in the wake of Ryan’s speech last night. You can tell how frightened they are by the way they are working the smear machine at warp factor 7.

Paul Ryan’s speech accepting the Republican party’s nomination for vice president was everything that could have been hoped for by the Romney campaign and more. It made the case against President Obama in devastating terms — using humor and memorable line after memorable line to drive home the main point that the president has been a miserable failure in office. The speech is likely to have lasting impact in this campaign.

Which perhaps explains the panicky reaction of the mainstream press and Ryan’s liberal critics. Almost from the moment Ryan finished his speech, apologists for the president (including the Washington Post) have come out swinging, quite plainly indignant that Ryan landed so many punches when the usual media filters couldn’t stop him.

And, so, not surprisingly, these same apologists have resorted to the usual kind of smear tactics — accusing Ryan of offering up misleading arguments and even “lies.”

Go over and read the whole thing, it cheerfully dismantles the lies being bandied about by the left and the media (redundant!). I won’t belabor this, since a lot of outlets have been thumping the “fact checkers” lack of ability to discern actual facts today.

Suffice it to say, it is entertaining as hell to watch the flailing on the left right now. Ryan landed on them with both feet – wearing hiking boots. They know it, too. Hence the utter panic right now.

The left’s racism, misogyny and lies have been exposed. Their complete intellectual bankruptcy is on full display. And the voters are paying attention.

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