They Can’t Handle the Truth

Jay Cost looks at Ryan’s speech from the RNC and finds truth.

His criticism of Obamacare is perfectly legitimate. It is a simple matter of mathematics, and the verdict of the government’s top accountant for the program: Obama cut $500 billion from the program; he used that money to cover the cost of Obamacare; the cuts are likely going to result in barriers to access for seniors.

Democrats made a terrible political mistake with Obamacare. They should not have used Medicare funds as a way to pay for it; Republicans were always going to burn them on this (just as Democrats burned the GOP in 1996 for the same kind of trick)…

Tampa really, really hurt the 0bama campaign. Ryan is spanking them with the truth and they are going bonkers trying to defuse the damage. But the voters ar not buying what the 0ne is selling this time around.

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