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Is There a Whiff of Rat Here?

Too good to be true? Generally when a deal sounds too good, it is. I am still worried about the possibility that Biden may be retiring for “health reasons” or to “spend more time with his family”. As in getting … Continue reading

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The View From Across the Pond

In the Telegraph, Janet Daley looks at the Romney-Ryan assault on the current 0bamanomics march toward the failed European model: What is being challenged is nothing less than the most basic premise of the politics of the centre ground: that … Continue reading

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One Hopes 0ne Saw It

Welcome to Sioux City, Barry. Tweet

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The Eastwood Effect

Now we know how badly Clint Eastwood damaged the 0ne. In Florida, the damage was devastating. Here’s another data point, too: the split among Florida voters to Eastwood’s speech was 49% positive to only 24% negative by the next day … Continue reading

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Wow. That’s a Crowd

Romney-Ryan event in Jacksonville. Tweet

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Mystery Ship

A strange wreck has been uncovered by Hurricane Isaac in Alabama. The ship was partially uncovered during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and in 2008 Hurricane Ike uncovered more of the boat. When Hurricane Isaac swept through the Gulf Coast, making … Continue reading

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Barking Mad

Mark Steyn on dog whistles and who hears them. It is increasingly absurd hearing some of the words leftists think have a subtext. Tweet

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