Mystery Ship

A strange wreck has been uncovered by Hurricane Isaac in Alabama.

The ship was partially uncovered during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and in 2008 Hurricane Ike uncovered more of the boat.

When Hurricane Isaac swept through the Gulf Coast, making landfall to the west in Louisiana, the 9-12 foot storm surge pushed away more of the sand around the boat. When the water receded, it revealed most of the boat’s hull.

On its Facebook page, Meyer Vacation Rentals noted the uncanny pattern of events.

“Hmmm … 2004, 2008, 2012. All hurricanes with names beginning with I. All within a couple of weeks on the calendar,” the note read. “While we hope it’s the end of the pattern, we must admit it sure is interesting to see it appear!”

Here’s a link to the local article on the mystery ship. None of the ships it is suspected of being appears to match exactly what was found. It really doesn’t appear to be the civil war blockade runner the Daily Caller suggests.

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